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Has Canadian online poker sensation XBLINK returned?

There is no shortage of mystery heroes in the online poker world. The internet is the perfect venue for maintaining anonymity, even at a poker table. Players can win – and lose – millions of dollars without anyone ever knowing his or her actual name, who they are, or how they got involved in poker to begin with. One such online poker hero is XBLINK, the player who took Ultimate Bet by storm throughout 2010, turning a measly $11 into more than $1 million with nothing but his wit and poker skills.

The only thing anyone knows about this mystery hero is that he is a Canadian from Vancouver, and he is said to be twenty years old. The idea of someone so young making such a splash captivates the imaginations and attention of anyone paying attention to the online poker community, and XBLINK was an instant celebrity. And now a second online poker player, XWINK, just won nearly $660,000 in a single night, dominating perhaps the biggest online poker celebrity with a face: Phil Ivey. Due to the similarity in the names, people are speculating that this new XWINK must be the Canadian XBLINK playing from a new account.

Only time will tell if these suspicions are correct. In the meantime, people will continue to eat up any news about mystery heroes winning and losing vast sums of money online.

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