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Canadian poker star: Jonathan Duhamel

A potential WSOP champion, Canadian Jonathan Duhamel is poised to put Canada on the map of world poker. In November 2010 he will have the chance to show what Canadian poker players are capable of achieving. No Canadian has managed to snag the WSOP championship before, meaning a lot of hopes have been placed on his upcoming performance.

At only 23 years old, he, like many other young players, started playing poker online only a few years ago and has since very quickly risen to poker stardom with his performance. To progress from playing the Montreal poker scene as a student to being at the top of the poker world is an amazing accomplishment that any veteran poker player, Canadian or otherwise, has reason to admire.

An interesting angle apparent in Duhamel’s experience is the necessity of adjusting his online poker strategy and habits to suit real world poker. Until recently, most poker players were accustomed to playing poker in the physical, concrete world of tables and tangible chips and real people face to face. However, Duhamel – along with many poker fans his age – have come of age in the digital era of poker where their first exposure to the game is online only. According to Duhamel, a big difference between real world poker and online poker is the speed of the game. Online, he says, he learned to play quickly and aggressively, while live poker is often slower and requires a good deal more patience.

For other young Canadian poker players hoping to follow in Duhamel’s footsteps to fame, this is an important point to keep in mind as you hone your poker skills in online poker rooms. For those players who have been involved in poker since before the internet added a new dimension to the game, checking out an online poker game or two might be a good way to broaden your horizons or challenge you in new ways. There is clearly plenty to learn from any kind of poker, so best to try them all!

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