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Gillian Epp, Canadian pro poker player

Gillian Epp is an up-and-coming female pro poker star from Canada For better or worse, there aren’t a lot of serious female competitors in the world of poker — whether it’s because women aren’t as into poker as men or because there’s no room for girls at the table is anyone’s guess. But this lack of women in the pro poker community makes the ones who do succeed stand out all the more. One of the latest names in pro poker is Gillian Epp, a Canadian female player who has been active in the live tournament circuit for going on three years.

In her late teens Epp discovered how much she enjoyed playing poker for fun with friends and was almost instantly recognized by opponents as having an innate talent for the game. At 19, Epp decided to pursue this poker talent by absorbing and experiencing as much as possible when it came to her game of choice. She shunned continuing at university and instead dealt cards at a small, local casino in western Canada while constantly reading about poker in her free time. Dealing at the casino as well as online play gave her an insider perspective on the game to round out her studies, and soon she felt prepared to try to make money by using her new skills rather than just dealing cards. Within two years she had made enough to move into high-stakes poker tournaments. The rising poker star, now 26, lives in Vancouver. She prefers live poker to online games, and believes that playing between 10 and 15 hours of live poker per week is just about perfect. This doesn’t include quick online poker games though, which she likes to squeeze in whenever possible.

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