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Guide to betting in online poker

There are four terms Canadians must be very familiar with in order to effectively bet in online poker games. Basic poker rules are simple, though the game itself can often seem more complex than it is. In order to make good bets when playing online poker, it’s important to grasp the following actions.

Check – To check means to pass and not open the betting or put any money down on your poker hand. In order to check, the betting round must not have been opened yet. In online poker strategy, this could mean many different things. Perhaps you aren’t confident in your hand, or perhaps you want others to think you aren’t confident, or perhaps you are curious to see how other poker players choose to proceed before you make a move. This action is particularly effective in making other online poker players wonder what you’re up to.

Call – To call means you are putting in the same amount or more money than the player before you. Some poker players use the term ‘see’ in place of call, but in most online poker games Canadians can count on using the term ‘call’.

Raise – To raise means you want to increase the bet and force all other players to put in more money (to call) if they wish to stay in the online poker game. Different online poker rooms have different rules when it comes to how you can raise, often dictating the size of the raise in relation to the original bet, or adding limits to the number of raises allowed per hand.

Fold – To fold means you forfeit your investment up to that point and have decided to cut your losses rather than continue playing. In online poker, Canadian players need to remember that it’s not always wise to stick with a hand once they’ve called or raised beyond a certain point – do the math and make sure you’re making the right choice, and don’t hesitate to fold if it’s the better option.

With knowledge of these four basic poker rules that account for the majority of actions that make up most of online poker decisions, players from Canada can play confidently and aggressively in any online poker room with players from around the world.

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