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Matthew Jarvis, Canadian poker star

In addition to the rising fame of Jonathan Duhamel, Canada has another poker star to watch carefully in the coming months: Matthew Jarvis. Jarvis is from Richmond in British Columbia, and was born to a professional golfer, making him no stranger to the world of competition. Learning how to play poker from his fellow university students and coworkers from his job in sales, Jarvis was immediately drawn to the intricacy and skill that poker demanded from serious players, which inspired him to excel at the game.

With the help of local Canadian casinos and online poker tournaments, Jarvis made a name for himself in the online poker community as well as the local Canadian casino circuit. After a lot of hard work, perseverance, and study, he eventually was able to generate enough profit to live off his winnings from poker and thus focus his energy on improving and taking advantage of his unusual skill.

Although Jarvis is still quite young, he has already accomplished more than more seasoned poker pros who have been in the game a lot longer. With encouragement from his family, particularly from his father who fell ill with cancer recently, Jarvis has worked hard to become a rising Canadian poker star. He shows courage and determination despite the hardships his family is currently facing, saying he plans to introduce himself to the world and represent Vancouver and all of Canada to the best of his ability by playing well at the World Series of Poker final table in front of an audience of millions of poker fans around the world.

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