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Pat “Toronto Toro” Pezzin

Canadian pro poker player Pat “Toronto Toro” Pezzin – hailing from Toronto originally, of course – recently became a member of PokerStars Canada. A versatile player capable of competing in more than just Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, Pezzin cashed in seven out of thirty events at the 2010 WSOP, which puts him close to the top considering the stiff competition at such a prestigious series. Although he is competitive in many variations of poker, he considers himself to be an Omaha poker star at heart. Omaha Hi Lo (also called Omaha Eight or Better) is his self-professed strongest poker game, as he has had the most experience with this variety over the past fifteen years of his poker career.

Surprisingly, Pezzin identifies his weakest poker game as also being a variant of Omaha: Pot Limit Omaha. He attributes this fact to just how different the two types of poker are, as he believes Omaha Hi Lo allows more room for error and also more room for the perceptive expert to swoop in and capitalize on other players’ mistakes. Pot Limit Omaha doesn’t share this profitable quality as much, and therefore Pezzin doesn’t feel he has as much of an edge while playing as he does in other poker varieties.

Contrary to the pattern most poker players follow when they learn how to master poker, Pezzin learned no-limit Hold’em last, which is usually the game most players learn first. For this reason, perhaps, his strengths are as unique as his learning process.

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