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Should I worry about online poker fraud?

In short, no, you shouldn’t, but this is only true if you are meticulous and thorough in ensuring that you’re only frequenting reputable, audited, and regulated online poker rooms.

Canadians are informed consumers who generally do their research before taking a leap of faith. This same philosophy should be equally applied to choosing your online poker room to ensure that you are not setting yourself up to be taken advantage of or putting your personal information and your money in danger.

It doesn’t take much time to make sure an online poker room is legit. Check out the front page, scroll down, and see what accreditations the site has. Are they licensed, and are they audited regularly by an international authority? Who is regulating their activities? The biggest gaming authority in Canada is called the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, so if you see this name you know the site is operating with Canadian approval and under Canadian standards. This organization has proven itself to care deeply about online poker players and take action when necessary if an online poker room isn’t operating up to their fair and ethical standards.

If your online poker room is licensed, audited, and sufficiently regulated by ethical and reputable authorities, you have absolutely nothing to worry about and can go about enjoying online poker without a second thought.

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