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The origin of Texas Hold’em’s popularity in Canada

Canadians love Texas Hold’em. The origin of this overwhelming popularity is fairly recent and can be traced back to ESPN’s broadcast of the World Series of Poker in 2003. In this particular series, an online poker star named Chris Moneymaker qualified for the event by dominating several online poker tournaments. Canadians loved the idea that such an elite championship like the World Series of Poker could be made available to anyone, famous or otherwise, so long as they had the necessary poker skills and proved themselves through online poker or more traditional means. The 2003 champion had been an amateur online poker player until his television debut, taking Canada and the world by storm and fueling a surge in popularity for the variety of poker that way played in the championship – Texas Hold’em.

Around this time TV commercials began to advertise online poker rooms as well, which inspired record numbers of Canadians to flock to the internet to learn how to play Texas Hold’em themselves. This knowledge and personal experience with the game of poker inspired even more poker players in Canada to follow the championship games on TV and online, further contributing to the rise in popularity for poker in general and Texas Hold’em specifically.

More Canadians than ever are drawn to the game due to its egalitarian nature, encouraging anyone to play no matter their level of expertise, background, or social status. Anyone has the right to enjoy Texas Hold’em poker in Canada, making it an increasing popular pastime for more and more people each year.

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