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To bet or not to bet in Canadian dollars

The question of whether or not you can wager in Canadian dollars is an issue unique to the international realm of online poker rooms. If you were sitting down at a poker table in Montreal, there would be no need to wonder about the currency involved. But when you sit down at your computer and log on to an online poker room, you may or may not have the option to use Canadian dollars. This can be good or bad, depending on the rules and practices of the poker room.

Some poker rooms only allow gamblers to wager in U.S. dollars, which isn’t ideal for players in Canada, but it also isn’t that hard to mentally convert between these two currencies since U.S. dollars are very familiar to us. If you’re playing poker at a site with this policy, it’s important to see what method the site uses in order to ensure you’re not spending more than you should due to currency exchange issues.

One method online poker rooms use when a player is gambling with a currency that he doesn’t use in daily life involves only exchanging money when you join or leave a game. This means that your bankroll remains in Canadian dollars except when you’re playing a poker game. One of the upsides to this practice is Canadian players gambling with U.S. dollars (or Euros, or any other currency) don’t have to worry about their bankrolls being subject to constant change due to the instability of the foreign exchange market. This is a load off players’ minds at times like these when the U.S. dollar hasn’t been faring well.

Another method online poker rooms use is to convert all deposits at the time they’re made. This simplifies things on many levels, and online poker rooms tend to charge a lower premium compared to financial institutions when exchanging currency. Depending on what you’re looking for, this might be the better option for you.

There are online poker rooms that don’t require any money exchange whatsoever for players who want to use Canadian dollars. If you’d rather not worry about exchange rates, choosing one of these poker rooms will put your mind at ease.

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