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What’s the difference between live poker and online poker?

Even though plenty of poker players love both live poker and online poker, there are still enough differences between the two to inspire some poker fans to prefer one over the other. Unlike many other places in the world, Canadians are lucky enough to have the option to legally gamble in casinos without going abroad. This makes live poker accessible to those of us who live near casinos, and not too far of a trip for most everyone else who is a dedicated poker fan.

However, even when there’s a casino just around the corner, sometimes it’s still tough to make time to go, which is part of the attraction of online poker. It’s also great for when the roads are dangerous in the winter and you’d rather not drive long distances if you can avoid it. In addition to saving travel time by playing online poker, you’ll save even more time thanks to the automated process that is involved. There are no delays as the dealer shuffles and deals the cards and counts chips over and over again, as the computer software can do this instantly. Even though it may only amount to a few seconds at a time, this adds up very quickly. At a typical traditional casino, for example, the average poker table sees only about thirty hands played per hour. At the average online poker table, however, the rate of play is often three times faster with about ninety or a hundred hands played per hour. For players who are impatient or anxious to put their free time to good use without waiting around for the dealer to do what needs to be done, online poker can be particularly attractive and enjoyable.

Another great benefit of playing poker online is being able to play more than one table at the same time, something that is completely impossible to do in live poker. For players who can remain focused and organized, it’s not entirely unheard of to be involved in eight different games simultaneously when playing online poker. This can exponentially increase profit potential in a shorter amount of time! It’s no wonder online poker is such a sensation.

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