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Where did online poker come from?

Have you ever taken a moment to remember what the world was like before online poker became such a sensation in Canada? What did you use to do with your free time before you were able to play poker online with your buddies from down the street or with competitors from around the world? While it may be tough to remember back to a time before online poker, the fact is it hasn’t been around that long.

The first online poker site dealing with real money games opened its virtual doors at the end of 1997. Think thirteen years is a long time? Put it into the context of poker history as a whole, which stretches across centuries! Online poker is still a recent phenomenon and has changed – and continues to change – the game of poker as we know it at a faster and faster rate as technology rapidly improves and more and more players have access to a game that is evolving every day. With new players come new ideas, new strategies, and completely novel approaches to a game that hasn’t seen this much innovation since the 1800s.

So where did online poker come from, exactly? What sparked the idea to create a virtual poker room rather than continue to play face to face as has been done for so long? Considering how much poker strategy rests on one’s ability to read and understand subtle hints from one’s opponents, it’s tough to imagine being able to play without these imperative visual cues. But traditional casinos just aren’t that accessible to most people, even in Canada where they’re at least legal to operate. As the internet became more advanced and more secure, it only made sense to play online poker once technology made the idea possible. Online poker rooms have significantly fewer overhead costs than traditional casinos, making games more profitable to winners and more affordable for all. Some players still prefer to play live poker, but new strategies have been created to work with the circumstances of online poker and the lack of face-to-face interaction.

Online poker will no doubt continue to grow in popularity in Canada as traditional casinos can’t compete with the low rakes and limitless opportunity for growth that online poker rooms have.

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