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Why online poker is more profitable than Canadian casinos

Gambling online may not hold the same charm as taking a trip to one of the big Canadian casinos to engage is some great poker games, but it does have a unique upside. Due to the nature of online poker rooms, which require very low overhead costs in order to maintain and run, it’s possible to have a much higher payout percentage than at traditional casinos that require more money to keep operating.

For example, take the Caesars Windsor in Ontario. This is a huge facility that requires hundreds of employees and a lot of capital to keep it heated, cooled, and cleaned. It requires a squad of dealers to work the tables, security to ensure no one is up to no good, and all kinds of other people just to operate each aspect of the casino.

Online poker rooms don’t share these requirements and can be operated much more inexpensively. This makes it possible for even small online poker rooms to be able to offer more lucrative and profitable conditions than even some of the biggest casinos. Less money is taken in the rake, allowing each online poker hand to be more profitable to the winners than it would be at a casino poker game. This is a great incentive for poker players who want to keep as much of their winnings as possible to play at online poker rooms rather than in traditional casinos.

Another great feature that makes online poker rooms so attractive is the fact that unlike at traditional casinos around the world, online poker tournaments don’t feel the need to deduct even more things from each prize pool – there is no deduction for dealer tips, etc. So if you’re a poker player who doesn’t want to share your hard-earned winnings with a casino, online poker might be the way to go.

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